Do professional web designers use wix?

Since Wix can be used by professional designers and also by average Joe, you can choose to what extent your client is involved in the process. A prerequisite of any professional designer is to be able to understand HTML and CSS. Since Wix is a CMS created solely for simplicity and ease of use, professional web designers would consider Wix to be too restrictive in its ability to create a complex website. I have created customer sites on wix before, just because they requested to be able to use them and make their own updates afterwards.

Wix is easy to use and it's what it is, I guess, people like easy-to-use content management systems; they're not bad for SEO purposes either and they're easy to maintain. I prefer Weebly, but that's my opinion. Some websites are there to prove that the company is a real and professional company, and ~ it must ~ look good to convey that. Now, if you're creating a really big website with hundreds or thousands of pages like an online store, then yes, I'd say look for a professional web developer.

Taking a fully customized visual design and turning it into a Wix or Squarespace site isn't what those tools were meant for: they want you to modify their 40 existing templates and then THEY are the experts, not you, as a web designer. Ultimately, I used Wix because technically*can* create a multilingual website as a non-web designer; however, the structure is incredibly rigid and still has several performance issues. Thinking in terms of business objectives differentiates professional web designers and starts to be an obvious added value for customers. Website designers know everything about digital marketing and can ensure that your site is built in a way that converts and generates more customers or customers for you.

And the new Guttenburg builder or whatever they call it now is just terrible and makes designing a page a nightmare if you don't get another plugin so you don't have to use it. A web designer can do what these site builders can't, they can get direct feedback from you and make the website you're imagining in your head appear on the screen. In addition, the limits have more to do with design capabilities than with the actual function, wix in terms of function has come a long way. I admit that Wix has dramatically improved its features to make them more attractive to web designers, however, they still have a long way to go to catch up with the likes of WordPress.

A website designer, on the other hand, can recommend the best ways to use keywords and where each keyword should go to make your site SEO friendly in a short time. Some clients hire graphic designers who draw website drawings, but they are completely plagued by fundamental design flaws. Thanks for writing about this, customers often don't seem to understand how much web design matters; especially if they've had a little success on their own. Website builders can tell you that they can make sure your site looks professional, but they can't tell you if the type of text you chose for the headers of each page matches the text chosen for the body text.

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